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Satoshi Nakamoto

Bitcoin (BTC)

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      Cryptocurrency Update – What are Masternodes?
      All about Cryptocurrency, Masternodes, proof of stake and proof of work

    • By Satoshi Nakamoto
      Memetic crypto is a hybrid project, which connects Master Nodes with image store based on IPFS. The asset exchange of this project called Kekdaq works on the Pepecoin blockchain. It’s purpose is to save “memes” and create different amounts of assets. By the way, the current amount of assets you want to create is not limited. User can trade his assets with other “meme connoisseurs” and serve them in any way. Memetic is accessible in any browser or platform, it’s wallet is preserved by the passphrase and keys there are generated when you log in.

    • By Satoshi Nakamoto
      NEO is the primary open source made in China. It has started in 2014 to rethink of the way of the modern merchandising. The philosophy of this cryptocurrency is about making the future brighter with the help of technological progress. That's how the idea of the Smart Economy was born. Smart Economy may be explained as the sum of digital assets, digital identity and smart contracts. The unity of these three components lead to a completely new way of life. The model of that innovative Smart Economy came from the symbiosis of the "Internet of Information" and "Internet of Value". This system may start an integration of the traditional and digital economy.

    • By Satoshi Nakamoto
      Fast and scalable project XRP was built for the enterprise use. It allows making reliable payments for banks and large corporations. Ripple provides making all the transactions in real time without using any pre-fund accounts. This may help any company to reach new markets and make foreign exchanges much faster - in just 4 seconds.The throughput of XRP may scale just the same results as Visa's. It can handle over 1,500 transactions per second, 24 hours a week. XRP is also may be called one of the most stable systems in the world of cryptocurrency, it has five-year track record of stable technology.

    • By Satoshi Nakamoto
      This system allows you to control your funds individually. Why should we call Monero reliable and secure safe sytem? As there's no surveillance and the level of privacy is rather high: secure system here is based on the technology of ring signatures and ring confidential transactions. Additionally, all the information about the sendings, receivings and the amounts of money in the transaction are securely hidden. They cannot be connected to a separate user. Speaking about Monero gold, its' paths considered to be untraceable. It is private and according to some economic forecasts, it is highly unbelievable that Monero gold will be blacklisted by some exchanges.