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Satoshi Nakamoto

NitroToken (NOX)

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Scammers are impersonating PolySwarm admin. We will never be the first to contact you in a direct message or ask you to send any funds anywhere apart from the address that will be listed on the website during the ICO. Anyone claiming anything else is a SCAMMER.

Remember that Telegram names can be copied, what you need to check are the actual Telegram handles. The following is a list of the only valid admin and core team members (these are also listed on the pinned message already):

Core Team:

Steve Bassi, PolySwarm CEO:
Paul Makowski, CTO, Developer, Co-Founder:
Ben Schmidt, Director of Product Security, Developer, Co-Founder:
Nick Davis, COO, Developer, Co-Founder:
Max Koo, Senior Backend Developer, Co-Founder:
Adrian Escude, CMO:
Bill Fehr: VP of Growth & Partnership:


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