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Idea: Since Japan is trying to be the leader in cryptocurrency, I think it will be much easier to target all the gas stations there and implement a reward system network. Earned points can be exchanged to OST —> BTC, not exchanged at all, can be used in other "friendly" gas stations, or redeemed for gas/beverages/food/items (this can be set is the most profitable trade). The only problem is how to earn points immediately after a purchase (coding needed) vs. air drop to curstomers. I know that it will be tough to get in that field, but I think it is worth taking a chance. Just an idea, no need to reply :)

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Macauley: Is Tokenly a competitor? tokenly.com What are the differences?

Not a direct competitor. Tokenly is for setting up a crypto e-commerce store (accepting crypto at check out)

OST is a on a completely different wavelength —-> creates token ECONOMIES

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